Technology: IT and Digital Services

As digital technology continues to advance, IT Services evolve in parallel, utilising technical innovations to deliver diverse commercial and operational benefits across all sectors of the economy. So IT Services providers carry a great responsibility, because their performance underpins the performance of virtually all UK industries – from manufacturing to media, and from pharmaceuticals to financial services.

IT Services are the oil in the global economic machine, facilitating the productivity gains that firms require in order to remain competitive. So IT Services executives must possess highly developed commercial acumen plus deep technical insight. They must have the vision to lead their companies into an uncertain future characterised by fierce competition, shifting global demand and ever-changing commercial conditions.

Talented IT Services executives must be able to respond positively to game-changing technical innovations, and turn potential threats into clear advantage. And they must offer increasingly sophisticated solutions to satisfy their customers’ ever more complex demands.

Our IT Services and  technology headhunters have huge experience in executive search for high-calibre technology leaders, and our global network of contacts enables us to engage with talented candidates with a demonstrable track-record of success at the very highest level.


Internet Services Executive Search

Digital technology has changed the way consumers buy goods and services, the way businesses transact, and the way people connect. And the pace of change is accelerating every day. So businesses operating in the digital space need leaders who can sit comfortably at the forefront of this revolution, and who can safely steer their organisations into an uncertain future characterised by continual disruption.

The rate of evolution in the digital landscape has reached such a pace that the most talented digital executives rely less on their experience of what has gone before, and more on their ability to anticipate what will happen – so they can help shape the environment around them and transform technological advancement into commercial success.

Hunter& Chase's experience of executive headhunting has made us an active player in senior-level digital and  technology recruitment for many years, and our long-standing relationships with high-calibre digital talent and with leading online and internet service companies has given us a deep insight into the executive recruitment marketplace.

We have the connections and the expertise to search, identify and headhunt high-calibre digital executives who combine impressive technical capability with sharp commercial acumen – people with the ability to grow resilient, agile internet businesses than can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.


Cyber security Executive Search & Headhunting

We live in a world where connectivity is celebrated, yet the reality is that every new connection provides a new opportunity for a hacker to penetrate often flimsy defences and access personal information, steal confidential commercial data, or disrupt operations. And while cyber threats have been around since the birth of computing, in recent years their level of sophistication has grown exponentially.

Yet it is remarkable how many organisation that rely entirely on their digital infrastructure don’t have a robust, forward-looking strategy to deal with the increasingly well-organised cyber security threat. One explanation for the failure to proactively implement effective security measures is the lack of senior talent in this relatively new sector. Yet although the talent pool is relatively small, it is in huge demand, as firms in all sectors headhunt for the best cyber security executives.

Hunter & Chase leverages its strong track-record in technology to identify and engage high-calibre cyber security leaders. Our cyber security headhunters are ideally placed to identify and engage those sought-after professionals who can combine technical insight with commercial acumen – people with the vision to anticipate the nature of new threats likely to emerge over the next 2 – 5 years. Our expertise in executive recruitment can help you search and find people who can begin preparing strategic countermeasures today. Our cyber security practice is supported by our wider technology executive search practice for functional and board level appointments. 


Software Executive Search & Headhunting

The software industry has long since developed into a mature sector, yet the pace of innovation and expansion continues to accelerate, driven by a relentless wave of bold start-ups who continually challenge the hegemony of the established global players. Some of these energetic young companies fall by the wayside, while some join the ranks of the technological elite – and the driving factor behind the success or failure of each is often the quality of leadership.

Software companies need passionate leaders with diverse skills and experience. Of course, senior software executives should have sound technical insight, but they must also combine a clear strategic outlook with strong entrepreneurial instincts. And they must be high-calibre operators in finance, sales and marketing, and strategic planning.

Hunter& Chase’s Software executive search consultants boast an impressive track-record of headhunting and recruiting high-calibre leaders for a wide range of senior opportunities. Our close relationships with many of the world’s leading software companies give us a deep understanding of role requirements for a variety of c-suite positions. And our extensive professional network enables us to identify and recruit executives with the ability to out-innovate the competition. Our software practice is supported by our wider technology executive recruitment practice for functional and board level appointments. 


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