Retail and Consumer

Hunter & Chase understands competition for consumer spending is greater than ever. The extremely competitive retail environment is creating pricing pressures that require strict cost and inventory control. Retail organisations must remain focused on adding value in everything they do — critical for attracting today’s consumer.

Further most retail and consumer goods companies had to reacted swiftly to address the changes brought about the domination of the internet and new consumer spending habits, as online retailing competes head on with the high street. In addition, retail and consumer companies must fully consider the risks and rewards of sourcing from and investing in the emerging markets such as China and the Far East and Eastern Europe.

Thus shifting buying patterns, emerging product trends and the steady growth of specialty concepts are constantly redefining the retail landscape. Success in this dynamic market demands executives and even middle managers with the ability to differentiate a brand, develop and utilise high-calibre human capital, and demonstrate best-in-class execution skills

Our constant activity in the marketplace positions us to identify and engage executives and managers with key critical attributes for retail clients:

  • The ability to cultivate brand equity and increasingly brand community
  • The financial acumen to increase revenues while controlling operating costs and shrinkage
  • The merchandising savvy to anticipate customer needs
  • Experience to successfully lead organizations in global markets
  • The team building skills to attract, develop, motivate and retain top talent
  • An understanding of the complexities of multi-channel markets

Hunter & Chase Retail Search and Selection at all levels offer in-depth global expertise, coupled with regional experience, across a broad array of functions in the following sectors:

  • Department Stores
  • Direct & Interactive
  • Fashion/Lifestyle
  • Luxury Goods
  • Mass Retail
  • Multichannel Retail
  • Specialty Retail
  • FMCG
  • Small Family owned businesses

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