Energy: Green Renewable

Hunter & Chase Clean Energy or Renewable Energy Executive Search was developed in line with industry demands, following an increased worldwide demand for energy, growing concerns about the environment and a desire to increase energy independence have driven rapid growth in the Clean Technology Industry and diversification into more Renewable Energy Clean Energy Recruitment needs have substantially risen. To successfully develop new technologies and business models to meet this demand, companies require sophisticated and innovative leaders and in-demand talent.

Whether our clients are developing new "cleantech" businesses, bringing more energy-efficient processes to their global supply chains, launching carbon-trading mechanisms, or deploying more sustainable business practices, there is a broad global consensus that focus on sustainability is significant and enduring, representing a fundamental shift in our understanding of the importance of energy and how it is managed. That is why our Renewable Energies Executive Search headhunters are able to provide such a focused and strategic delivery.


We excel in searches for CEOs, C-level executives, and board directors for companies, to recruitment of middle level management, such as head of department, operations manager, head of technology as well as a many more, at all stages of organisational development, from start up to high growth and mature stage companies.

Our Clean Energy Search and Recruitment work spans across all segments, including:

  • Clean Power Generation
  • Efficiency Infrastructure
  • Renewable Power Services
  • Energy Storage
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar - PV, Thin-Film, Thermal
  • Transportation
  • Materials
  • Recycling & Waste
  • Water Conservation & Treatment

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