Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is arguably one of the most critical yet volatile energy industries affecting the global economy. Understanding this industry and its equilibrium effects on other industries and economies, as well as the business, technological, social and political, challenges as well as opportunities is crucial to be able to operate within it. Thus Hunter & Chase ensures it is current and adequately equipped at all time to undertake Oil & Gas Executive Search activity, including headhunters with excellent understanding of Oil rich countries and cultures such as in Middle East and Africa.

Hunter & Chase works with small and large firms, globally, to help with Oil & Gas related search and recruitment headhuting. From managing director and C-level executive down to middle management to expat engineering and expat health & safety related roles. Further, Hunter & Chase has an ever growing network and souring ability for its Oil & Gas Search and Recruitment activities, with a reputation for not only finding the right people, but, also, helping in relocation issues, concerns and challenges faced by client or candidate.

Hunter & Chase has access to a wide ranging Skilled Expats in this areas, be it in conducting British Expats Executive search, European Expat Executive recruitment, American Expat Executive search, Western Expat Executive search, Asian Expat recruitment and so on. Further, the firm is engaged with Oil & Gas Executive search and recruitment globally, be it Oil Executive recruitment Libya, Oil & Gas Executive Search Saudi Arabia, Gas Executive Recruitment Qatar, Petroleum Executive Search UAE, or generally Middle East Executive Recruitment in Oil & Gas. Further the company conducts Oil & Gas Executive Recruitment in the Niger Delta in Nigeria, as well as other parts of Africa. And, of course, for Petroleum Senior Management or Executive search and recruitment activity Hunter & Chase engages globally, from the USA, to the Europe to Asia.

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Oil and Gas

Despite the recent evolution of renewable energies, Oil and Gas is arguably one of the most critical, yet volatile energy industries affecting the global economy.

Understanding the effects Oil & Gas has on other industries and economies is crucial to be able to operate successfully within it. Hunter & Chase ensures it is up to date with market trends at all times to ensure effective delivery of executive search solutions to the energy market. Our recruitment activity is supported by our London based executive headhunters who have an excellent understanding of oil rich regions and cultures, such as in the Middle East and West Africa.

Hunter & Chase search and headhunting activity in this sector can be broken down into the following four areas;

  • Upstream (Exploration & Production)
  • Oil Field Services
  • Mid-stream (Gathering, Transportation, Processing & Storage)
  • Downstream (Refining & Marketing)

Further, Hunter & Chase’s Oil & Gas executive recruitment team works with a wide range of firms and service providers located across the globe, including in some of the most challenging environments in the world – from Libya and Iraq to the Niger Delta in Nigeria as well as existing traditional safer environments such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and Europe. The range of Oil & Gas executive or niche roles Hunter & Chase handle include for example:

  • Managing Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Financial Director
  • HR Director
  • Regional General Manager
  • General Manager - Specialist or Technical
  • Oil Trader
  • Director of Trading
  • Commercial Director
  • Geologist
  • Pipeline Engineer
  • And more.

Due to an ever growing network supporting its Oil & Gas recruitment activities, Hunter and Chase has built a solid reputation for not only finding the right people, but also helping overcome challenges faced by clients or candidates, such as relocation issues and complex contracts or salary packages.

The Oil & Gas industry is undoubtedly one of the most challenging industries to headhunt within, particularly when it involves roles of an international nature and with niche skill sets. Hunter & Chase has decades of experience successfully headhunting the highest calibre of Oil & Gas professionals in the market.

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