Board and C-Suite

Board and Senior Executive Appointments

Appointments of seniority require a highly targeted search driven by specialists with the knowledge, experience and gravitas to identify and work with appropriately qualified non-executive candidates. Our specialist researchers bring that focus and dedicated resource needed to create diverse, robust and interesting lists which align with our clients’ skills matrix needs.

Trusted Advisors At The Highest Level

For decades our dedicated Board practice has been finding, supporting and guiding executive and non-executive leaders in Boardrooms across multiple geographies and industries. Our deep understanding of governance complexity in national and global environments allows us to identify talent as well as assess, review and support Boards in maximising the impact for their organisations, whether they be commercial, public sector or in civil society. We have the experience, knowledge and well-proven processes, augmented by our award-winning diversity initiatives, to ensure excellence in all that we do. Our approach delivers the results needed and we are very proud of this, growing diversity of boards and non-executive roles across the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.

C-Suite Executive Search & Selection

Currently, Hunter & Chase, through its C-Suite Executive Search and Selection, is involved in helping many organisations from around the world, find leaders for their organisations, these include CEO, CFO, Managing Director, to CIO, GMs and other C-Suite Executive roles.

The firm provides such services across multiple industries and sectors, most notably those categories highlighted on this website, although, at this level, Hunter & Chase C-Suite Executive Search and Selection has cross-industry capabilities.

Our methodology for C-Suite Executive Search and Selection relies on discrete networks and a highly competent research team, who can track down most types of people for our experienced headhunters to engage with. Further, Hunter & Chase has a valuable reputation of operating with discretion, sophistication and gravitas, while building profound and long term relationships with executives and client organisations. Thus work with a select client base emphasising quality of delivery over quantity of assignments.    

We would be delighted to explain our methods and credentials in further details, and if required, submit a bid, please contact us for further information.