Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Shortlists: Diverse, Inclusive and High Performing Talent

Inclusive & Diverse workplaces are creative, high performing, safe, innovative, engaging and fun to work in, as well as being able to deeply understand the communities they serve.

Hunter & Chase is a specialist in Diversity and Inclusion Shortlists. This means we overcome the many hurdles and challenges companies face in diversifying their workforce in today's changing world, whilst aiming to raise the bar. As a specialist in creating high powered shortlists we match your criteria, culture and high standards, whilst developing strategies to meet your diversity and inclusion needs. 


Shortlisted Talent That is Diverse, Inclusive and High Performing 

We understand the importance of supporting an inclusive environment for leaders to be developed and prosper. We are committed to the identification, attraction, retention and development of diverse leaders and talented professionals and work closely with our clients to help design the best strategies to help them achieve this.

We have developed our own award-winning diversity initiatives to offer clear and results-based approaches which help our clients find, attract,keep and enhance their leaders of tomorrow.

Whether it is in challenging and removing bias; in sharing our learning; in designing effective strategies to reach, attract and secure diverse leadership talent; or in aiding their development: we can work with you closely to help develop and sustain a truly inclusive, yet high performing, shortlist of talent.

Gender Diversity - Enter Hunter & Chase

Hunter & Chase had gender diversity as a priority from its inception as a company. We were an early adopter of the 'Women On Boards 2020' programme which had a vision to drive the initiative of having all company boards 20% women by the year 2020. This later evolved into a great organisation today 50/50 women (check them out via www.5050wob.com). Today they advocate for women to hold 50% of corporate board seats and women of colour to hold 20% of all corporate board seats, they invest 84% of their funds into educational programs and advocacy efforts to empower women to lead as board directors.

Women have made tremendous strides today however the pace of change is slow and often frustrating, it has been 60 years since the appointment of the first women CEO at a fortune 500 company, yet today only 7% are lead by women. The challenges are often for both employees and employers despite sincere efforts, this is where Hunter & Chase enters, as a specialist in creating high powered shortlists that match your criteria and standards as well as diversity and inclusion needs. 

Hunter & Chase is fully committed to helping drive gender diversity at all levels and overcame challenges of finding and attracting high performing women, who also match your criteria for the job and company culture, to help drive your organisation. 

Inclusivity Shortlists At Highest Industry Standard

We have always put diversity at the heart of our business and our robust and proven research methods enable us to deliver on this time and again. Our diversity initiatives help to embed more inclusive approach to talent search and provide opportunities to develop and progress key talent, without ever compromising on quality, we are specialist in diversity and inclusivity, therefore all our shortlists - no matter the make up of them - are only of the highest standard, we never lower the bar but raise it!