Key Placements Can Transform Organisations: Securing The Right Talent Is Critical.

A successful executive search requires rigorous analysis, creativity, logic and sound judgement. Through Search Intelligence, we provide organisations with the tools to identify, attract and develop extraordinary executives.

Industry analysis, cultural assessment and the evaluation of existing board and management dynamics provide a backdrop against which we support clients in securing innovative candidates with the experience to lead their businesses.

Our consultants combine industry and functional expertise with cultural and geographic knowledge to ensure clients have a dynamic selection of candidates to choose from.

Through global collaboration and exceptional functional and industry expertise, we guide businesses towards appointments that will transform their business and secure their future.

Trusted Advisors Who Support You Long-Term

At Hunter & Chase we are proud of our heritage and even more so of how we continue to evolve, diversify and innovate. We can only do this with the support and confidence of our clients, the majority of whom return to work with us again and again. They do this because they know we can be trusted. We pride ourselves on being advisors to individuals and organisations for the long term – not just the duration of a search. Our business model and cultural purpose encourages a true investment from our Partners who want to achieve the best and make the biggest difference, time and time again.

Sector Wide, Function Deep

Our consultants are embedded sector-specialists who are often from the industries they operate in. This experience is augmented with cross-sectoral access within our firm and through our global Panorama community. We put a genuine emphasis on thinking beyond siloed sector lines to bring our clients the most interesting and diverse leadership talent available.

We are a partnership business as we believe that this brings the best results for our clients and our people. From day one we get under the skin of each client organisation to understand their priorities, culture and needs. This depth of insight allows us to respond quickly to each client’s individual needs and bring them the best people for each role. We can flex with ease to undertake broad, national or global searches or to deliver a more discreet, targeted approach. Either way we ensure that every client has undivided attention and representation in the marketplace.

Inclusivity Shortlists At Highest Industry Standard

We have always put diversity at the heart of our business and our robust and proven research methods enable us to deliver on this time and again. Our diversity initiatives help to embed more inclusive approach to talent search and provide opportunities to develop and progress key talent, without ever compromising on quality, we are specialist in diversity and inclusivity, therefore all our shortlists - no matter the make up of them - are only of the highest standard, we never lower the bar but raise it!

A Creative Approach That Delivers Intriguing Results

Our dedication to fresh research and real conversations means we remain relentlessly focused on results: we have an extraordinary 98% success rate.

Our in-house researchers work solely on one project at a time – this approach is a cornerstone of our business. We deliberately differ from the industry model where researchers work on multiple projects simultaneously, as we believe each search deserves individual attention.

Our researchers are empowered to think creatively and take the time to benefit from real and rich conversations with a broad range of people. Through this approach we find the individuals who bring the quality, authenticity and diversity needed at senior executive and non-executive levels.

Agile Delivery On Time And Highest Quality Standard

Hunter & Chase use tried and tested methods infused with the latest technology, including AI software to help us maximise our reach, sift through tons of talent and keep maximum human interfaces to speak with people ensuring a respectful and thorough vetting process. We have an agile delivery method with purpose, that being a fast delivery that looks raise the bar each time for the highest standard of delivery, we want our clients to keep using our services!