Our Headhunting Process

Our Headhunting Approach and Search Process

While the advent of technologies like AI and automation will inevitably change the way companies recruit at a volume or transactional level, the strategic nature of executive search means it will see the least impact.

That’s because executive search differs from most forms of recruitment as it requires a higher level of expertise and human interaction.

One aspect of the search professional’s job is to understand and interpret human nature and its impact on the decisions made to facilitate change. Relationships fostered with executives, often over decades, are crucial. Trust is paramount.

In many ways, we are disrupters, as we engage senior people in life-changing career decisions and this simply can’t be replaced by technology.



It is worth noting below timelines (and process steps outlined above) are an approximate indication, each search process is unique and varies.



We use judgement and experience to determine skills and cultural fit and a degree of intuition built from experience. Technology can’t simply replace the core elements of executive search, because it requires finesse and subtlety to bring two parties [employer and employee] together for mutual benefit. We act as a change agent and aim to divert them onto a different path and typically a higher career trajectory



Assessment Considerations 

Below diagram is the basic outline of any assessment, however our robust and proven assessment process goes well beyond a traditional approach to search, providing in depth and demonstrable information on shortlisted candidates. Our assessments consider the way each individual thinks and how that connects to an organisation or team’s values; their approach to work; their response under stress; what positively motivates them; and how they influence and lead.

Our expert partners can offer occupational psychologists to assess each candidate using a combination of psychometric assessment and profiling, biographical interviews and other bespoke methodologies which have been developed alongside our global Panorama partners. These assessments are proven in multiple organisations which are culturally, socially and geographically diverse. After these assessments we produce a tailored written report on each candidate and are able to brief the selection panel in person.




It is - again - worth noting the timelines (and process steps outlined) are an approximate indication, each search process is unique and varies. Please Contact Us for a specific discussion about your hiring needs.