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Latest Executive News and Opinion from Hunter & Chase

Retained by DT Group For Multiple Roles

24 November 2014

The DT Group felt Hunter & Chase would be the best placed headhunter to assist it with fulfilling its talent needs thus helping to maximise its potential and realise its vision.


Hunter & Chase Retained Again By Leading Tech Firm

05 November 2014

Hunter & Chase have been retained again by leading technology firm FTI (Falcon Technologies International), a UAE Based High Tech Firm specialising in Optical media and Optical storage. Based in the UAE the firm has subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific, Europe and USA.


Hunter & Chase Come Pass A Tough Test With Flying Colours

12 August 2014

Hunter & Chase were appointed by E-Skills, which is part of the UK Government’s Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology, and also incorporates the National Skills Academy for IT.


Executive Search Firm – How to Engage and Utilise Them Successfully

05 June 2014

A White Paper By Hunter & Chase on How to Engage Executive Search firms and Utilise Them Successfully


New Deal Signals Hunter & Chase’s Continued Growth and Success in South America

10 April 2014

Hunter & Chase sign a deal to supply search services to Bridas Corp, a multi Billion Dollar Oil & Gas conglomerate based in Argentina. Hassan Jalil, MD and Partner at Hunter & Chase, said of the news ‘we are delighted to have secured this deal with Bridas Corp which has an amazing track record in South America and beyond, with a rich history of success stretching over 50 years in the Oil & Gas sector’ further adding ‘I am also delighted with our continued growth in the South American Oil & Gas market where the Oil & Gas sector is buoyant with further forecasts of huge growth fuelled by new discoveries led by Brazil and followed by many more countries’.


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