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Hunter & Chase - Sourcing The Growth Of An EMIRATE - RAK

15 October 2016

Download the official case study: Sourcing The Growth Of An EMIRATE


Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is the fourth-largest emirate in the UAE and has a rapidly growing economy thanks to an ambitious process of economic diversification that focuses on industry, trade & commerce, tourism and real estate. The RAK Investment and Development office (IDO) spearheads the growth of the emirate and a key success factor is the identification, recruitment and retention of talented senior executives to develop strategy, ensure effective operations and drive economic growth in all the main companies in the economy.


In 2009, Hunter & Chase were introduced to the Human Resources Director of the RAK IDO and were challenged to recruit a Chief Financial Officer for the IDO. Within a short space of time, Hunter & Chase were able to provide a shortlist of candidates and the RAK IDO were able to select an excellent candidate that met their needs.

From that point on, whenever a senior executive was required within the IDO itself or one of the main companies within RAK, the HR Director approached Hunter & Chase with the challenge, and having delivered on every assignment given, they have now become the sole search agency for the IDO and key operating companies.

Positions filled include:

• Chief Financial Officer
• Chief Executive
• Legal Counsel • Commercial Director
• Global Sales Director
• Chief Operating Officer • Managing Director
• Director of Trading
….and many others

The sectors covered are diverse and include transportation, high tech manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, transportation, real estate, energy, oil and government / investment.


  "In the thirty years I have been using Search companies – Hunter & Chase is the most effective I have ever used. They are professional, thorough, fast and they have stepped up to and delivered on every challenge I have given them. Because RAK has a diversified economy, we need specialists in areas as diverse as ceramics manufacturing, real estate and airport management. Hunter & Chase learn quickly and have shown by their in-depth research, target-company mapping and candidate sourcing, filtering and interviewing that a professional search company can get results in any sector. They go much further than other search companies that I have worked with in the past. I frequently provide just a verbal brief which focuses mostly on the personality & competencies that a candidate will require. Hunter & Chase will then develop a full job description including all the qualifications and technical skills & experience that a candidate would need for the role. I give them a seemingly impossible deadline to develop a shortlist and arrange interviews to tie-in with a visit to Europe and they work really hard and have succeeded every time. Every candidate that they have placed with us has turned out to be an excellent hire – and these executives are now effectively driving the economic growth of RAK.

If you need a search company that works as a true partner, gives you honest assessments of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, is persistent, innovative, sources candidates that you’d never thought they could and always delivers – Hunter and Chase are the ones to call. "

HR Director, Ras Al Khaimah Investment & Development Office

Download the official case study:   Sourcing The Growth Of An EMIRATE

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