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Hunter & Chase Place Interim MD at Leading African FMCG Firm

11 March 2017

The Challenge

An owner of a small crisp manufacturing company, which was being aggressively pursued by PepsiCo for purchase, approached Hunter & Chase for help. The owner had spent 40 years in the snack manufacturing industry and for 20 years built the crisp manufacturing company. At the initiation stage of the project, he wanted to take a step back due to poor health and hand over the reigns of the business to his first son, whom he did not feel was quite ready to take over just yet. Ultimately though, he did want the business to remain in the family and in the future fully hand over the business to his son rather than sell to PepsiCo.

What we did

Hunter & Chase spent time understanding the company history, culture, strengths, weakness, opportunities and challenges. It then assisted the client form a professional approach to search and attract a MD to manage the business. This included understanding the business’ bottom line, cost to company (and possible returns) for the next five years, structuring an attractive but competitive package, outlining the job profile (which included a specific requirement to help educate and train the owners son) and targeted search in the market. Hunter & Chase then worked very closely with the client to identify the right personality fit, someone who can work with a hands on and assertive business owner while helping to grow the bottom line.


The business owner wanted interview support, thus Hunter & Chase helped to facilitate all stages up to the final stage interviews between the business owner, his son and candidates to ensure all parties were comfortable. The first shortlist had some good candidates however the favourite (and sole remaining) candidate for the role decided not to take the position when offered. Hunter & Chase then repeated the search to produce a second shortlist with appropriately matching candidates and the successful executive hired at the clients preferred salary range. The new MD bought a professional approach to help streamline the clients business and is currently growing the company internationally. He is also working closely with the owner’s son, who is now in a director post, with an understanding that the son will take over the business over the next 5 years.

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