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Interim Management

Organisations typically choose interim managers either to fill roles that are temporary or to fill critical staffing gaps when a permanent employee cannot be found fast enough.

Hunter & Chase Interim Management gives you credible access to the high performing interim managers, at relative short notice. From CEOs and Managing Directors through to any senior management function, our global network of thousands of skilled and accomplished executives will satisfy most requirements.

Some Benefits of Interim Managers;

  • Start in days, with minimum recruitment and termination formalities;
  • Welcome results-linked remuneration;
  • Are usually overqualified, bringing tremendous experience to address your business issues;
  • Deliver consistently and quickly;
  • Will transfer skills, contacts and experience to your team, which will remain long after they have left;
  • Have sensitivity to your company’s ethos but not constrained by its politics, personalities, or protocols;
  • Can be given a critical task on which to focus;
  • Help keep down permanent head count;
  • Highly cost-effective;

Hunter & Chase is a traditional firm, respecting the tried and tested methods, human behaviour and emotional intelligence, subtle nuances in speech and body language, and quality of thoroughness in selection for such delivery, as well as embracing advancements of technology and speed. We supply Non-Executives, for permanent executive positions, boardrooms, projects, or interim assignments. Hunter & Chase understands and respects such positions and the importance of them, thus for our clients we Headhunt a Non-Executive Director with peace of mind that a team of headhunters has actively sourced, investigated, qualified and filtered the selected shortlist.     


Our client base is select yet diverse. If you require any information on the bespoke services we offer to our clients, contact us on +44 (0)20 7692 1881, for the relevant information, or click here to submit an enquiry, and we will be more than happy to assist.